Marvel Studios Schedules Six Untitled Movies for Phase Four in MCU


Dave Bautista, who plays Drax in Marvel Studios' Guardians of the Galaxy franchise and will be featured in Avengers: Infinity War, stopped by Give Kids The World Village to meet with special fans and celebrate Hasbro's donation of $1 million United States worth of cash and products. Meanwhile, the cosmic nature of Infinity War is unarguably a flawless place to introduce the team. This shift suggests, even more than before, that Marvel is the top dog in the industry and everyone else is running to catch up.

It's unclear if previously announced release dates for 2020, May 1 and November 6, are intact given the new date changes. However, there's reason to believe Marvel won't slow down on the big screen.

Infinity War will give a better hint about who among the Avengers becomes most important and, therefore, deserving of more stand-alone movies, but the way the group film will affect the Guardians of the Galaxy (and that series' ability to make big bucks) makes the case that we'll see a Vol. 3. After all, one of its uses in Black Panther is for whoever ingests it to visit the souls of their ancestors, which seems like an appropriate side-effect and reflects one of the Soul stone's comic-book abilities - opening up a gateway to an idyllic pocket universe. Not six weeks ago, box-office tracking suggested the film might be lucky to have an opening weekend take of $120 million, before doubling that over the four-day President's Day weekend.

The two "Avengersa films have grossed almost $3 billion worldwide". Whatever happens in these two movies might impact the direction a Black Panther sequel goes and the next threat to this beloved Marvel character.

The screenwriter also says the Captain Marvel script was directly influenced by another female-fronted superhero movie, Wonder Woman. Sources at Marvel Studios and Disney told Entertainment Weekly, though, they made a decision to release the movie worldwide on the same date.