Super Mario Odyssey expansion launches


Today marks the launch of update 1.2.0, which heralds in new snapshot filters, a slight change for the jump rope minigame (which reset its World and Friend rankings), bug fixes, new outfits, and most importantly, Luigi's Balloon World. Luigi's Balloon World doesn't seem to have such restrictions, with the only requirement listed being that the player has to find Luigi in each Kingdom.

It's all quite simple. Balloon World's "Hide It" mode lets you hide balloons within stages that other players race to find. Additionally, getting high scores for hiding or finding balloons will allow players to rank up for bragging rights.

The Outfits are locked for those whose game is not completed, provided you complete the game the outfits will be available but they certainly are not cheap, for example, the Super Mario Sunshine set is 4500 coins. Then in the "Find It" mode, Mario has to find balloons that other players have hidden. After completing one round you will get to check out brand new outfits for Mario to wear. The two new Snapshot filters, meanwhile, are Coin and Neon.

Nintendo last month surprised and delighted Switch owners when it announced that it was bringing a bit of DLC to Super Mario Odyssey, and that the added content would not cost a dime. The colorful red guy can now dress up in all the new outfits the developers have designed for him and it is sure to make the game more addictive than it is already is, with these customization options. These tie into some online world rankings.

The new update is free, and is available now in all regions.