Social media hoax spread


The message referenced "SHS" as the targeted school, officers said. Appropriate action is being taken by law enforcement in that state.

Springfield police are aware of the threat and have increased patrols at the school.

According to Chief Deputy Rocky Davis with the Emanuel County Sheriff's Office, the threat had been narrowed down to a source most likely out of Ohio. The link: Whoever posted the threat targeted "SHS".

Salisbury Township police said they were notified of the threat early Thursday and called the Salisbury School District staff. We are also working with Facebook officials to track down the origins of the first post.

Sarasota police this morning say a Wednesday night threat on social media against "SHS" that drew some attention locally originated in OH and isn't directed at Sarasota High School. At this time we believe there to be no credible threat to Shorewood High School; however, we are taking the threat very seriously.

"There was a non credible threat, considered a hoax, at another school district in another county, which was being discussed online and on social media by some middle school students".

The Facebook post was traced to a boy in OH, and "S.H.S" was meant to stand for Springfield High School in Ohio.

Other police departments across the state and country have also addressed the threat. It was investigated by the school and police, he said, and found to be false. They say the person named is not a student registered in GDOE, and the public page is non-existent.

"Our message when it comes to this sort of behavior at school is that it's no joke", McKee said.