Russian Olympic Committee fulfils IOC condition, pays it $15m


Krushelnitsky, who won mixed doubles bronze with his wife, Anastasia Bryzgalova, has protested his innocence and officials have hinted at foul play.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport finds a Russian Olympic curler guilty of an anti-doping violation, stripping the athlete of his medal.

A Norwegian curler who lost out on the Olympic bronze medal to a Russian rival charged with doping said Tuesday he feels robbed of his moment of glory. "But since we really admit the fact that his doping probe was positive for meldonium, we hand back the medals", TASS quoted Valentina Parinova as saying.

Russians are competing as neutral athletes at the Games due to allegations the country ran a systematic doping program, which Moscow denies.

"I am ready to confirm that not once in the whole time that I have been in sport have I taken any banned substance or competed dishonestly in any way", he said.

The CAS announced that Krushelnitckii has accepted a provisional suspension beyond the games while the investigation continues.

Krushelnitsky and Bryzgalova were the first Russian athletes to take part in these Games under the Olympic Athletes from Russian banner.

Russia is attempting to gain Olympic reinstatement after the International Olympic Committee suspended the Russian Olympic Committee a year ago in connection with a massive doping scheme at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi but allowed 168 athletes to compete under neutral uniforms and without the Russian national flag.

Krushelnitsky and Bryzgalova became the first Russians to participate in the Pyeongchang Games when they competed in a preliminary-round game on February 8, the day before the opening ceremony.

In a statement Thursday, Svishchev asserted that Krushelnitckii's decision to waive his right to a CAS hearing was "by no means an admission of guilt" - and he vowed to keep fighting on Krushelnitckii's behalf.

The delegation said the concentration of meldonium found in Krushelnitsky's sample suggested he would not have derived a benefit.