Palestinian protesters egg U.S. politicians visiting Ramallah


Palestinians see the eastern part of the city as the capital of their future state and the USA move broke with decades of worldwide consensus that Jerusalem's status should be negotiated between the two parties.

Fatah spokesman Ousama Qawasmeh also claimed that even as the Palestinian president confronts the "occupation" - a derogatory term used by Palestinians to refer to Israel -"we are the targets of parallel attacks from Netanyahu, Lieberman and the American ambassador to the United Nations together with Palestinian collaborators".

Shortly after the speech, the White House said it is still moving forward with a Middle East peace plan, spearheaded by Trump's Mideast advisers, Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt, who were seated behind Haley during Abbas' speech. "It has transformed the occupation from a temporary situation as per global law into a situation of permanent settlement colonisation and imposed a one-state reality of apartheid".

Palestinians threw eggs at a delegation including New York City Council members visiting the occupied West Bank Thursday, AFP reporters said, amid anger over US President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Mohsen Rezaei, secretary of Iran's Expediency Council, said any attacks carried out on Iran by Israel would result in the destruction of Tel Aviv.

Eastern Jerusalem, Abbas said during his speech, "is our capital which we wish to be a city open to all the faithful of the three monotheistic religions".

In a related development, Israeli forces rounded up 11 Palestinians in overnight raids across the occupied West Bank, the Israeli army said Thursday.

Haley said she was "sorry" that Abbas had neglected to remain behind after delivering his speech to listen to Security Council members.

"If the Congress thinks we are terrorists, how was that the administration is having relations with us, how was that it's visiting us, how was that it's providing assistance to us?" he asked, in the presence of a stone-faced Nikki Haley, the USA ambassador to the United Nations.

The U.N. chief voiced opposition to a one-state solution saying: "It is simply impossible to square the circle of a one-state reality with the legitimate national, historic and democratic aspirations of both Israelis and Palestinians". "We will present it when it is done and the time is right".

Haley blamed this condemnation on the UNSC's "gross bias" against Israel.

Reiterating Palestine's commitment to hold negotiations with Israel, Abbas said it "is our strategic choice for the sake of the coming generations in our region".

Deutsche Welle reports in its article Palestinian leader Abbas calls for Middle East peace conference, sidelining USA role that in a rare speech at a monthly UN Security Council meeting on Middle East issues, Abbas called for an end to the United States' traditional role as the main mediator between Israel and Palestine.

Israeli Ambassador Danny Danon said Abbas' words and actions made it clear he was "no longer part of the solution". You don't even have to accept it.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement that Abbas "continues to run away from peace and continues to pay terrorists and their families $347 million".

Haley said about the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital: "You don't have to like that decision, you don't have to praise it, you don't even have to accept it, but know this - that decision will not change. In the future, we will intensify our efforts to achieve membership in the United Nations", he said. "You are the problem".