Google Pay is finally here. Here's what it brings to the table


New users, on the other hand, will need to head over to the Play Store to download and install G Pay on their handset.

The company also says that it's working to bring Google Pay to all of its products, so regardless of whether customers are shopping on Chrome or Assistant, they will have a consistent checkout experience with the cards they've saved to their Google Account. According to the announcement, the app on Android will have all the existing features of Android Pay plus some additional ones, including an extra layer of security as Google Pay wont share the user's card number at POS.

Google Pay represents its attempt at unifying and simplifying its digital payments service across the web, in apps, in stores, and through peer-to-peer (P2P). The "Cards" half packs your credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards, offers and gift cards.

The new name makes a lot more sense, especially as it also integrates the old Google Wallet functionality, but apart from that, a "fresh of coat of paint", and a pretty aggressive marketing campaign, very little seems to have changed. The facility is available in only a few cities at the moment (Kiev, Portland, and London), with more being added soon. But, for now, the new feature will be limited to Google apps which include Feed and Search. If you already have the Android Pay app installed on your phone, all you have to do it wait for the update to hit and you will see all of the changes that Google has made to the app with the rebranding. If you have been using Android Pay, all the features that you have come to expect are present in Google Pay as well.

Longtime Android Pay fans, fear not: the features you love aren't going away.

Today, in a blog post, Gerardo Capiel, Product Management Director, and Varouj Chitilian, Engineering Director, of the Consumer Payments team at Google finally announced the global rollout of Google's latest mobile payments offering. If you're a developer, you can work with our processor partners and find all the tools you need on our developer site.

Before Google Pay, Google's payments platforms ran the gamut.