Amazon Squeezes More Benefits Out of Whole Foods


Those who have the card, but who are not Prime members, will get 3% back on purchases at Whole Foods.

Amazon Prime members with Visa rewards cards will now get 5% back when they use the cards to purchase groceries at Whole Foods, the company announced Tuesday.

For some Amazon customers, the company's Whole Foods acquisition is the gift that keeps on giving.

It seems one group who aren't pleased about Amazon's takeover is the Whole Food employees themselves.

Both cards already offer 5 percent and 3 percent back, respectively, on purchases.

John Mackey said we are excited to launch the Amazon Rewards Visa Card in our stores, offering benefits to our customers. The card was not Amazon's first entry into the payments space, though others before it had focused on purchases, and not shopping offline.

Two weeks ago, Amazon began offering free two hour delivery from Whole Foods stores in Austin, Cincinnati, Dallas and Virginia Beach to its Prime members. There's also no cap on rewards and they never expire. Workers say a new inventory management system called order-to-shelf, or OTS, has led to food shortages within the outlets.

These sorts of issues are still being worked out, and could impact store sales in ways that a new cash back card can't address. That's especially true if you happen to do most or all of your grocery shopping at Whole Foods.