USGS: 7.2 quake measured in south, central Mexico


A powerful 7.2 quake hit the south and central parts of Mexico on Friday.

In a previous report the SSN had given a preliminary magnitude of 7 and a different location from the epicenter.

According to the US Geological Survey, the natural disaster was measured 7.5 on the Richter scale 4 km south of Pinotepa de Don Luis with the epicenter at a depth of 10 km, Xinhua reported.

Both the south of Mexico and the capital are still reeling from earthquakes that caused widespread damage and killed hundreds of people in September. When I opened my eyes, I saw her eyes in terror.

In Oaxaca, where the epicenter was located, authorities reported some structural damage to buildings in two towns, Pinotepa Nacional and Santiago Jamiltepec. Videos are already circulating social media showing buildings rattling and lights swaying. "She didn't say anything", Gutierrez said of her granddaughter.

The latest tremor comes less than six months after last year's devastating earthquakes in central and southern Mexico.

In Mexico City, tall buildings swayed for more than a minute as seismic alarms sounded, with older structures in the chic Condesa neighborhood knocking into each other, and some cracks appearing in plaster and paintwork.

Two young men standing by a building that collapsed in a September 9 quake were still hugging minutes after the tremor. The people were in state of shock and went running into the street.

Gutierrez managed to leave her ground floor apartment before the quake began.

"I'm scared", said Rojas Huerta, recalling five months ago when buildings fell as she ran barefoot into the street.

Mayor of Mexico City Miguel Angel Mancera said in an interview with the news channel ForoTV that he had no information on incidents after the quake and that only a few people had suffered nervous breakdowns.