This is why a woman in China climbed inside X-ray machine


The freaky incident occurred on February 11 at a train station in Dongguan, southern China's Guangdong Province, according to Pear Video.

According to reports from Chinese media, she'd sent her bigger bags through the machine and tried to walk through the security check point while wearing her hand bag. The staff saw the unbelievable scanned picture of the unnamed woman on all fours on the conveyor belt.

This was obvs a bit of an issue for the woman, who refused to let her handbag go through the machine unattended.

The incident, captured in a video and shared on social media, showed her loading her luggage onto the scanner's conveyor belt.

Too speechless to intervene, train station staff allowed the woman to go through the X-ray with her items.

Staff were reportedly so stunned they didn't stop her when she collected her bags and bolted to get her train.

The woman reportedly did not want to be separated from her handbag and its valuable contents.

Eerie X-ray images of a Chinese woman crawling through a luggage scanner at a railway station have become the latest smash hit on a video sharing website. It isn't clear what was inside the woman's bag which she was trying to safeguard with such dedication.

It's believed that she may have been protecting wads of cash given to her for Chinese New Year.

Meanwhile, security staff at Dongguan Railway Station staff have advised passengers not to ride the X-ray machines as radiation can be harmful.