Josh McDaniels stuns the National Football League by bailing on the Colts job


"After agreeing to contract terms to become the Indianapolis Colts' new head coach, New England Patriots assistant coach Josh McDaniels this evening informed us that he would not be joining our team", the Colts said in a statement according to Austin Knoblauch of

It worked out well for Chicago, as McDaniels subsequently spurned the Indianapolis Colts after committing to be their next head coach in order to return to his current position in New England.

Nearly everyone they interviewed prior to settling on McDaniels has landed a head coaching job elsewhere or withdrawn their name to stay at a college job, but there are still some appealing candidates out there for the Colts to choose from at this late stage. Teams that win the Super Bowl lose coaches and key players to another franchise in search of their next leader or game changer. And a year ago, without Andrew Luck under center, went 4-12.

Josh McDaniels quickly wore out his welcome after becoming the Denver Broncos head coach in 2009.

Andrew Luck's recover is the key to the Colts future, no matter who the new coach is. But when you're a head coach, there's a lot of lives that you're affecting.

Agent Bob LaMonte, who attempted to talk Josh McDaniels out of a professional U-turn on Tuesday that could lead to a career dead end, has terminated his relationship with the New England offensive coordinator. "I was very confident that a deal was in place and that we were going to move forward and be having a press conference today at 3:30 [p.m.]". We have not gotten that from the two doctors that he's seen after the season.

Ballard established a good reputation around the league since taking the job a year ago, but his shot at the Patriots might come back to bite him. He has not picked up a football, but he's throwing balls, working on arm speed. Things changed when McDaniels chose to go back to New England, leaving the Colts with their trousers down. "That is what we're going to be built on", Ballard said.

In 2017, the Patriots finished third in Rick Gosselin's annual special-teams rankings, which Belichick has previously cited his respect for as a measure of performance for that unit. You know, the ones who do what they say they will. "We want everybody on our team to match what he has inside".