Freezing rain warning for Niagara


Roughly 2-5 centimeters (0.8-2.0 inches) accumulation is expected before the weather switches over to freezing rain in the afternoon.

The freezing rain began over the Montérégie and spread toward the Mauricie later in the day, starting in Quebec City Sunday evening.

Another round of snow will develop overnight as well.

Brace for it. Freezing rain is on the way, warns Environment Canada.

A brief period of snow may precede the freezing rain, but any snowfall accumulations are expected to be minimal.

Road conditions are likely to be disrupted at Sunday's end, due to a mix of precipitation that is expected to hit southwestern and central Quebec.

Environment Canada is still urging extra caution on the roads, as surfaces could become icy quickly, making for a slippery commute.

The freezing rain will change to flurries in the afternoon or early evening. "Slow down driving in slippery conditions".