Musk space auto is in deep trouble


SpaceX's rocket launch on Tuesday is undoubtedly one of finest and most remarkable performances by flight tests taken place in last decade.

Space X's most powerful rocket, the Falcon Heavy, took off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, on Tuesday, as shown in a video posted to social media.

Of course, the cargo on the rocket's inaugural flight was pretty unique, with Musk deciding that rather than sending it up empty, he would strap in a Tesla Roadster auto - emblazoned with the words 'Don't Panic!' on its dashboard - with a spacesuit-wearing manikin dubbed Starman on board. Originally, SpaceX had planned to direct the vehicle into the orbit of Mars, but the company's latest estimates indicate it will overshoot the red planet and continue into the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Once the side boosters had served their goal following lift-off, they detached and landed at Landing Pads 1 and 2 at Cape Canaveral, adjacent to the Kennedy Space Center.

Not only did the rocket lift a red sports vehicle into orbit — with a dummy "Starman" at the wheel — two of the three boosters came back and landed upright at Cape Canaveral.

A rocket operated by the aerospace company SpaceX exploded on the launch pad at Cape Canaveral where it was being test-fired ahead of a launch.

"I mean, it's a risky trip, you want to look good", Musk said.

Professor Olguin says, "The payload that we're looking at for the Falcon Heavy is something not only technologically advanced, but now you can actually develop more robust satellites".

Following liftoff, the two side boosters separated from the center core and returned to landing sites for future reuse.

The Falcon Heavy rocket rose Tuesday from the same Florida launch pad used by NASA almost 50 years ago to send men to the moon.

The historic launch of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy is a "game changer", according to founder Elon Musk.

Images of SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket, which successfully launched from Kennedy Space Center on a demonstration flight on February 6, 2018.

Watch the SpaceX live stream below.

The next most powerful rocket, the Delta IV Heavy, can put about half as much in orbit for four times the price.

The Falcon Heavy is set to traverse through Earth's Van Allen Radiation Belt in the coming hours.