Android Oreo Rollout For Honor 8 Pro & Honor 9 Starts Today


The stability issues could be related to Android 8.0 itself, but either way, this will push back the official release for a couple weeks. This is important, especially if we remember that the Note 8 and the Galaxy S8 have only finished the Android Oreo beta period. After almost 3 months since the release of the first beta, the company recently announced that it will not be releasing Android 8.0 to non-beta users. Hopefully, the issues that Essential met in Oreo 8.0 will have been ironed out, because I'm sure that no one wants the phone maker to experience more stability problems and have to announce that it is going to wait until Android P launches to address those issues.

Other notable highlights include a new Picture-in-Picture mode, which allows two apps to run on screen at any given time, as well as the ability to dive into apps with fewer taps, such as Notification Dots, which can be seen with a quick press and swiped away easily, and Android Instant Apps, which allow teleportation into new apps right from the browser, without any installation required.

New information has surfaced online that reveals that the smartphone could get some features of the Android Oreo-based EMUI 8.0.

However, considering the small number of users who have installed the newly released OS version, there are not many devices benefitting from this update, with brands like Samsung and LG, which have not yet moved their devices to the new Android version.

Essential is skipping the release of Android 8.0 for Android 8.1 due to instability concerns.

As always, the rollout will be delivered in phases, so if you don't see the OTA update on your Nokia 5 or Nokia 6 just yet, hold tight. Did you notice any issues with your update?