YouTube TV Roku support arrives, but Apple TV is still pending


"Just a few weeks ago, we announced changes to advertising on YouTube, including stricter monetisation criteria, new manual reviews for all videos in Google Preferred and simpler controls for marketers".

Go cuts out commenting, channel subscriptions, and long ads to save on mobile data and works well on cheaper phones with limited internet access.

Last October, YouTube TV launched a dedicated app for TVs and set-top boxes, which first launched on Android TVs, Xbox One, and smart TVs from LG and Samsung.

The latest expansion makes YouTube Go available to about 60% of the world's population. As of February, YouTube Go has been expanded to over 130 countries around the globe.

This announcement wasn't much of a surprise since Google had already announced that the app was coming to Roku and Apple TV platforms in Q1 2018, but many users probably didn't expect it to be this soon.

"News is an important and growing vertical for us and we want to be sure to get it right, helping to grow news and support news publishers on YouTube in a responsible way", he wrote.

Save and watch video: Even when you have a slow connection, YouTube Go can still be used to download or watch videos without buffering-this saves a lot of time and MB too.

Google is known for rolling out new features to enhance the video streaming experience of YouTube users. Further successes achieved by the app in those 14 countries could be the reason for what's now a global roll out of the app in more than 130 countries.

Share videos with friends nearby - With YouTube Go, users can share videos with friends nearby without using any data. You can then choose to download the video for viewing later or stream it now. A pull-down of the home screen will refresh the page with new personalized content along with notifications of new videos. The app will also alert the users when their favorite channels add new videos.