Apple to launch three new Macs with custom chips this year


Right now, only the Touch Bar-based laptops and the iMac Pro have Apple's own silicon, but this year will feature at least three more machines, including updated laptops and a desktop, with Apple's own co-processors the report says.

Apple is supposedly expanding its semi-conductor business by building co-processors for three new Macs this year. Introduced in the 2016 MacBook Pro, the coprocessor series is based on blueprints from Arm Holdings Plc and was originally created to power the laptop's Touch ID fingerprint reader. This further allows Apple to have better control of its products, improve on performance as well as offer new features quickly.

Apple watchers expect the company to eventually design the entire CPU, which would take away Intel's fifth-largest customer.

Moreover, even Steve Jobs believed that Apple should own the hardware inside its products instead of relying on various components from other chip makers. Apple in April 2017 had already announced it was working on its own graphics processors. In particular, the organization could utilize its own particular chips as the central processor for the Mac. Perhaps this will be one of the units to get Apple's new processor onboard.

Despite the increasing resources Apple is devoting to chip research and creation, it's only built computer chips that complement Intel's primary processor - the T1 co-processor handles the Touch Bar, while the T2 edition offloads some security and power management duties on the iMac Pro.

If Apple is truly planning to release two new MacBook models, then it wouldn't be terribly surprising to see it discontinue the 13-inch MacBook Air.