A New Way To Stalk People On Instagram


Here, you can now see the last active time of every user you have been chatting with right under their username.

Those who can see the activity status will either see you as now active on the app or see the last time that you used Instagram.

Social media apps are fun but they also have a fair share of features which can be annoying for many. Instagram has introduced a "Last Active" feature, which will allow your DM correspondent to see when you were last online. In the latest addition, just like Messenger and WhatsApp's last seen activity of users, Instagram users can now see the last seen activity of other users.

Alongside adding new features, Instagram is testing a security feature on its app. Instagram, however, did not have such feature up until now.

However, it seems that the new feature isn't appearing for some users, even when the app has been updated as recently as version 28.

Instagram has quietly come up with a new feature - Last Active - on iOS and Android that allows your friends to view when you were last active on the platform. With Instagram now owned by Facebook, it's no surprise they are taking tips from their older sibling. Then scroll down and toggle off on the "Show Activity Status". Now Instagram has joined the bandwagon with a similar feature, called Activity Status. Meanwhile, you can disable this last active option and protect your privacy. If they are looking at a profile of someone who follows them but they don't follow, the profile will show "follow back" option instead of just 'follow'. The feature is only accessible in the Direct inbox though, so it won't be displayed in the main app to all followers.