Montreal man fools cops with vehicle made of snow, gets fake ticket


It's illegal to park on the street during snow removal, which is probably why the police officers showed up to check out the situation.

The machinist and designer posted on Facebook about his personal snowmobile, and later shared a picture of a confused policeman who stopped and stood next to it.

The cop inspected the vehicle and soon discovered it was just a snow sculpture. Laprise said he did it as a joke for the regular snow-clearing patrols.

Simon Laprise used snow from outside his home to create a replica of a DeLorean DMC-12, WGCL reported.

Laprise said that he never meant to trick officers with his car- just snow removal workers. He wrote in a social media post that the officers were good natured about the prank
Montrealer makes fake car out of snow to confuse police

Laprise said it took him four hours to create the auto. The art, which was located in a snow removal zone in Montreal, had even a single windshield wiper placed just in the right location as to make anyone who glanced at the project think that it was a real vehicle.

"I did the auto to have fun expressing my creativity on that handsome day", Laprise told Buzzfeed Canada. However, the officer quickly discovered the vehicle he was about to ticket wasn't a snow covered auto but instead a auto constructed out of snow.

"I intend to continue doing so", Laprise said.