It's genuinely not too late to cancel Brexit, EU says


"Tusk and I once again reached out to the British government and said that if the British people, the British Parliament, the British government, wish for another way than Brexit, we would be prepared to discuss it".

Mr Henkel said: "The fact that Juncker has explicitly shared our opinion in the Parliament that the withdrawal of Great Britain from the European Union is a lose-lose situation shows that awareness has now come to Brussels that the other 27 European Union countries will also suffer due to Brexit".

EU officials at the European Parliament plenary which convenes in Strasbourg this week, have been emboldened by the comments of Nigel Farage, one of the protagonists of the Brexit campaign, who said that a second referendum could be on the cards.

It may feel like we've gone too far to turn back, but the European Commission president has said he would be "happy" for us to rejoin the EU after Brexit.

"I've never met Tony Blair and I'm certainly not involved in any plot for a second referendum", he said.

The Irish centre-right politician was the first to speak in a series of speeches by EU leaders on the future of Europe in the European Parliament. "I would just say this to you: I don't want a second referendum on Brexit, absolutely not", the former UK Independence Party leader said. We would like them to stay.

Juncker's comment about possible re-accession comes a day after European Council President Donald Tusk said that the bloc's "hearts were still open" if Britain made a decision to change its mind about leaving the EU.

Tusk said that "we here on the continent haven't had a change of heart".

Apple's announcement that it will pay $38 billion in US tax on its overseas cash will not reduce the $16 billion tax bill the company owes Ireland following a European Union ruling, the EU's executive said on Thursday. Britain will become a non-EU country on March 29, 2019.

However, these positions switched when respondents were asked whether they would support another vote if May fails to get a Brexit deal with the EU. He also said the United Kingdom could not "backslide" on commitments made over the Irish border.

"I can't predict sitting here today what that network of organisations and alliances including the European Union, how that will change or is going to look in 10 years or 20 years time", he said.