Apple To Release Fix For iPhone Crashing Text Message Bug Next Week


That feature will arrive in a developer version of iOS next month, he said, before rolling out to the public.

Chief executive Tim Cook announced the throttling feature, which slows down performance to preserve battery life on older devices, will become optional after the tech giant listened to consumers who were angered by the feature. The company is adamant that this is not a ploy to get people to buy newer models, but a tactic created to stop devices from unexpectedly restarting, due to the limitations brought on by battery age. The CEO maintains, however, that Apple "don't recommend" users take advantage of the ability to disable the slowdown.

In an with ABC News, Cook said that new software updates will allow users with older iPhones to turn off the power management feature that intentionally slows down device performance.

Cook's comments came in a Wednesday ABC interview that largely dealt with Apple's plans to pay $38 billion in taxes to repatriate hundreds of billions of overseas dollars-a move it attributes to the recent tax overhaul-and to recruit 20,000 workers over the next five years.

"We will tell someone we're reducing your performance by some amount in order to not have an unexpected restart", Cook said. This tool has been reported to have support for iPhone 5S, iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2, iPad Pro, and iPod Touch 6. Within days, Apple faced lawsuits over the phone slowing.

The practice makes sense to maintain the iPhone's reliability, but it's controversial because people didn't know about it and were likely to buy a new iPhone instead of replacing their older iPhone's battery for much less. "But maybe we should have been clearer as well", he said.

Despite introducing the option, Cook has advised iPhone owners not to turn off the throttling feature when the update is released. A new iPhone costs at least $650, while a battery replacement used to cost $79 (Apple has since discounted battery replacements for most models to $29).