Amazon's Echo Spot is coming to the United Kingdom later this month


It was announced alongside the redesigned Amazon Echo, a supercharged Amazon Echo Plus and the Amazon Show which was set to come to the United Kingdom for the first time.

The Echo Spot is available to pre-order from today for £119.99 in the United Kingdom and €129.99 in Germany, which converts roughly to $165 / $160 as of today's exchange rate - significantly more expensive than the $130 price-tag in the U.S. At any rate, the Echo Spot will begin shipping to European customers from January 24.

People in the United Kingdom can pre-order the Echo Spot which costs £119.99 and it is also available in Germany for €129.99. Amazon hasn't revealed the specs for the Echo Spot's camera, but we've reached out for confirmation.

But the screen is so small, and the device has to be plugged would you really be likely to video chat through the device? You're getting a little more tech with the Echo Show, but the Echo Spot might be the more useful device depending on your needs. It features a 2.5in circular screen, which naturally shows you the time in its default mode as the clock-face, but it can also display other information too.

The executive also told TechCrunch that Amazon has learned where Alexa's knowledge gaps are by analyzing questions real users have asked the virtual assistant that it was unable to answer.

The Alexa-powered Amazon Echo Spot bedside speaker is now officially available for preorder in the United Kingdom and is set to start shipping later this month.

"See the weather, watch video news briefings, glance at your alarm clock, make video calls, and more-we think customers in the United Kingdom will find lots of places for Echo Spot in their homes". "This is the first Amazon Echo that I wouldn't mind using for music". Priced at £119.99, it sounds like quite a jump for a device that essentially adds a display to an Echo Dot (£49.99), but we can't help feeling that the Spot has bags of bedside appeal.

That's the thing with the Amazon Echo Spot - much like other Echo devices, Amazon wants you to have a multitude of them in your home so you always have access to video chat no matter where you are.

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Amazon's Echo Spot is to the Show what the Dot was to the original Echo.