Insane photos show vehicle that crashed into second story window


The authorities said it had finally come to rest after hanging half outside the second floor of the building.

Then it hit a median and went airborne.

January 14-A driver, a passenger and a vehicle wound up stuck in the second story of a Santa Ana building this weekend, authorities reported Sunday.

The accident which took place at about 5:25 am in the morning terrified the guests of the motel which is right next to the dental office.

The vehicle was later removed by the Orange County fire officials with the help of Los Angeles County Urban Search & Rescue team.

A fire caused by the crash was quickly extinguished and both victims were taken out of the vehicle with only minor injuries. And the vehicle lodged there as cops and rescuers arrived to extinguish a small fire and help extract one of the occupants, the Orange County Fire Authority noted in a series of tweets.

A auto that ran into a road divider in California ended up hurtling 60ft into the air before crashing into the top floor of a building.

It has also been reported that the driver - who later admitted to be under the influence of drugs - was rushed to a hospital along with a passenger.

Luckily no one died in the incident and only two people suffered minor injuries. The owner of the practice could not be reached for comment. "It's a big hole".