Here's a Reminder that Salvadorans Rebuilt Pentagon Amid TPS Uncertainty


If deported, many would be subject to extortion and violence, and their US citizen children could easily be recruited by gangs in their new countries.

While discussing immigration, the president asked why the US was taking people from "s--hole" countries like Haiti and Africa, and not more people from countries like Norway.

"That's just before my birthday", she said.

She says it lays bare "a very xenophobic and racist agenda ... that really only paints one picture for immigration to the United States, which is a white European sort of vision, and one that cuts off immigration and receiving refugees and immigrants from practically the whole world". "This is the country that's fed me". The United Nations reported that as many as 75,000 people were murdered, including the Roman Catholic Archbishop who protested against US support for the military regime and four American Roman Catholic nuns who were on a relief mission. He denied the comments after global condemnation.

Perhaps the Salvadorans will be tossed in with the Dreamers and spared deportation if congressional Democrats cave in to Mr. Trump's never-ending quest to build his monument to hate and fear.

The Department of Homeland Security announced Monday that it will terminate a form of protected immigration status for about 262,500 Salvadorans living in the United States next year, and urged Congress to come up with a legislative fix during an 18-month delay. In their years in the United States they have planted roots, bore children and been contributing members of our society. Along with Honduras and Guatemala, El Salvador is one of the detrimentally impacted countries in the world by a warming and increasingly unstable climate. "She doesn't want to leave us", he added, while holding his mother's hand. "If they are going to be separated, or they are going to be sent to a country that they don't know". "As a person of Salvadoran heritage, I find this latest humanitarian outrage an especially egregious affront to the dignity of all Americans who stand for fairness and justice, and I intend to work alongside my fellow Salvadorans and Make the Road New Jersey in the fight against this decision". Last year, the administration ended the program for two other countries, Haiti and Nicaragua.

Dona Abbott explains, "Temporary Protected Status is a legal immigration status for people who are in the United States when something happens in their country of origin". That's why President George W. Bush-a Republican-granted TPS to Salvadorans in 2001, and why it's been extended ever since.

"They hustled and they were able to get into better positions for themselves and always gave me the best that they could".

'The only resource we have is our human resource, and we are proud of it.

A few months back, TPS ended for Haitians in the USA, sending many across the Canadian border.

Faced with this phenomenon, the Canadian Minister of Immigration, Ahmed Hussen, said in a press conference on Tuesday that the government has put a preventive plan in place, in case the Salvadoran citizens decide to take similar measures.

Angela Ventura is a Salvadoran living in Windsor, Ont., and working with the country's diaspora across Canada. "We never thought this would end like this".

"I would say the majority are professionals". The administration isn't making the argument that they represent a security threat, that they are criminals or potential terrorists or a drain on government resources or even that life in El Salvador is now a bowl of cherries.