LG launches 65-inch 'rollable' TV at CES 2018


It remains just a concept for now, but it shows plenty of promise.

There's no timeline on when any of us will be able to buy this for our living rooms, nor any indication of how many successful startups we'd have to sell to Google or Facebook to afford one.

South Korean flat-panel display maker LG Display Co. said Tuesday that it has showcased the world's first 65-inch ultra high-definition rollable organic light-emitting diode panel at the world's largest consumer electronics tradeshow in the U.S. The TV looks like something out of a futuristic movie but LG has shown that this technology is near. The company used CES to announce the world's largest and highest resolution OLED TV. There are plenty of very big TVs out there but what makes this one interesting is the modular technology. The company will also exhibit products that emphasize additional advantages of OLED, such as a 55-inch transparent display and a 77-inch wallpaper OLED TV display.

Equally wonderful, and equally unattainable, is LG Display's 65-inch OLED screen that can be completely rolled up like a poster thanks to the use of an underlying flexible plastic substrate instead of glass. There is no word on the pricing and availability of The Wall by Samsung.

The company's plans for the "smart connected lifestyle" revolve around appliances and devices controlled by Amazon and Google's Alexa and Assistant digital helpers, and a series of futuristic concept robots created to lighten the load in airports and hotels.

In addition to just being a remarkably thin and lovely OLED set with near-perfect blacks and eye-popping hues, you can use the rollable TV in three distinct modes. The company has already invested huge to ensure a lead in OLED production for TVs and eventually for mobile panels to capture a market share dominated by Samsung.

LG's AI platform, ThinQ, was the centre of attention during the company's press conference this year, though; meaning it was bound to make its way to its TV lineup.