Indian Man arrested for sexual abuse on 22-year old woman passenger


According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the 22-year-old victim was traveling Wednesday morning on a Spirit Airlines flight when she dozed off in her window seat.

The horrified passenger woke up and allegedly found her shirt and trousers unbuttoned, and the man's hand inside her trousers.

The woman instantly detailed the claims to flight orderlies, who said she "showed up obviously irritated and was crying", as per the dissension.

Two flight attendants told investigators that the victim was crying and that her shirt was untied and trousers were unbuttoned when she reported the incident, 40 minutes before the plane's landing, Jawad said. The man, Prabhu Ramamoorthy, was seated between the victim and his wife onboard a Spirit flight from Las Vegas that landed in Detroit on January 3.

His wife who was in court and left in tears without commenting told police that she didn't like the other woman sleeping on her husband's lap and that she asked to change seats.

Furthermore, in October 2013, an enjoying some downtime Delta Connection pilot situated in Detroit was blamed for stroking a 14-year-old young lady on a flight from Detroit Metro Airport to Salt Lake City.

Ramamoorthy, before talking with the specialist, gave a composed explanation that he was in "profound rest", that the woman nodded off on his knees and that he is "not certain where (he) kept the hand on her". They assigned her a different seat at the back of the plane.

Federal prosecutor Amanda Jawad said that Ramamoorthy sat between his wife and the victim. She said a flight attendant then moved her to a seat behind the man harassing her.

The court filing stated that Ramamoorthy also admitted that he "unzipped the woman's trousers part-way and put his finger inside". Magistrate Judge R. Steven Whalen ordered Ramamoorthy to be held pending trial. "There have been no allegations from anywhere that his behaviour has ever been inappropriate prior to this incident", O'Neill said.

Stephen Schuler, a spokesman for Spirit, said that it was cooperating with law enforcement on the incident.