Meryl Streep targeted with 'She Knew' street art following Weinstein comments


The posters depict Streep, 68, next to Harvey Weinstein and seem meant to contradict the actress's claims that she didn't know about the recently disgraced movie mogul's alleged sexual misconduct. And remember it's even worse than it sounds because the person who (allegedly, but I believe it) raped McGowan and the person who helped Streep's career is the same person: Harvey Weinstein. According to her, their silence is the problem. They were placed around L.A. on Wednesday, a day after Streep's statement, near her Pasadena home, the SAG-AFTRA building in Mid-Wilshire and across the street from the 20th Century Fox studio in Century city. "Rose assumed and broadcast something untrue about me, and I wanted to let her know the truth", Streep wrote.

In October, Streep, 68, addressed the multiple accusations against Weinstein, saying that she was unaware of his decades of alleged sexual misconduct. She also explains that she did not know that Weinstein had purchased the silence of his victims.

"I would challenge the media to stop using the word alleged", she boldly stated in a New York Magazine video teased on "Today." I didn't know this was happening. McGowan accused Streep of knowing about Weinstein's behaviour and remaining silent about it.

"I am truly sorry she sees me as an adversary, because we are both, together with all the women in our business, standing in defiance of the same implacable foe", Streep told The Huffington Post on Tuesday. HW needed us not to know this, because our association with him bought him credibility, an ability to lure young, aspiring women into circumstances where they would be hurt.

In her original tweet, McGowan noted that Streep worked for Weinstein (referencing him as "The Pig Monster"), and concluded by suggesting the potential protesters wear Marchesa, a fashion label co-founded by Weinstein's estranged wife, Georgina Chapman.

The actress added that her affiliation with Weinstein was primarily distribution deals and that she had only visited his office once for a meeting.

Streep did not lead the charge against Weinstein-she merely applauded it from the sidelines-but the absence of a positive action should not be conflated with the presence of a negative action. Women, they say, should not attack other women. Yet, I find myself frustrated that it's Meryl Streep who has taken the brunt of these charges.

She got £125,000 (S$225,000) as part of the settlement, but does not know whether the conditions regarding therapy were upheld.