Amazon May Launch A YouTube Rival


Things got escalated when Google removed its popular service YouTube from Amazon's touchscreen-enabled Echo Show smart speaker and the Fire TV.

The company filed the trademark the same day Google announced its intention to block YouTube from Amazon products.

With this, customers can now access the World Wide Web (www) including popular sites as well as local and worldwide news sites, video sharing services, cloud photo sites and other social news, sports and entertainment content. Although the trademarks don't necessarily mean the company plans to launch a new service, it does suggest that the company may be, at the very least, considering doing so. YouTube's presence in the video-sharing space is huge, and shaking that up will definitely be a monumental task, even for an industry giant like Amazon. The former began selling Chromecasts on its platform again and the two are said to be in productive talks to bring YouTube back to the fold.

Google has also been critical of Amazon's move to keep Nest products or stuff like the Chromecast off the latter's retail channels. In the filing, Amazon describes it as a software or mobile app that can be used to transmit, receive, upload, download, encode, decode, stream, share, and broadcast content, images, videos, and more.

So, in September, Google pulled off YouTube from Amazon Echo Show as it violated its terms of service. Of course, Amazon has reasons to justify its act given that Chromecast rivals its own streaming devices such as the Fire TV. We will never know about their decision for now. However, this version will not be available on Amazon services.

The ongoing battle between Google and Amazon over the online streaming space seems to be far from over.

In addition, Mozilla's Firefox browser will also be available on Fire TV devices. "Starting today, we will be able to expand the already great Fire TV experience by enabling viewers to surface a multitude of web content - including videos - through Firefox".