5-Year-Old Calls Police to Report the Grinch


A 911 dispatcher eventually got TyLon's father on the phone, who scolded his son. He described the nasty Grinch, and said that he was anxious he was really going to steal Christmas.

TyLon told police that he was terrified that the Grinch would steal his Christmas after he had watched YouTube videos about the character.

It all started when TyLon Pittman called 911 to warn police that the Grinch was stealing Christmas and to be on the lookout, The Clarion-Ledger reported. Officer Lauren Develle with the Byram, Mississippi Police Department responded to the scene, assuring Tylon that the holiday was not in danger.

TyLon Pittman's brother captured the interaction on video, which he posted on his Facebook page.

"I just want to tell you the Grinch is not going to steal your Christmas, OK?" the officer said. The police department eventually invited the little boy to the station, where he escorted "the Grinch" from a police auto to a cell.

"I want you to come to my house and take him to jail", Pittman said. "But to dial 911, oh my God, no". It was there TyLon spotted him: the Grinch.

He arrived at the station, greeted by Develle and Byram Police Chief Luke Thompson, who led him to a holding cell in the back. "Then the Grinch talked to him and said he was sorry and that he would stop stealing Christmas presents".

"When they call me and they say it's going so fast and they have a gun, I'm going to chase them so fast", Tylon said.