BlackBerry ends monthly security updates for its PRIV


Blackberry, who made the decision to ditch its own OS in favour of Android, has chose to axe support for the Priv, declaring it to complete its two-year life cycle.

BlackBerry Priv, the first BlackBerry smartphone running completely on the Android operating system is no longer supported by the company. For those unaware, BlackBerry Motion is the newest smartphone coming from the company this year.

We manufactured our last BB10 and BBOS devices in 2015 and in the years since we have received many questions about our plans for ongoing support.

The single-SIM phone ran Android 5.1.1 Lollipop out-of-the-box and came with BlackBerry's own secure and productivity modifications up top.

"When we introduced our first Android device more than 24 months ago, we committed to delivering 2 years of monthly software updates for the Priv", wrote Alex Thurber, Senior Vice-President and General Manager of BlackBerry's mobility division, in a blog post. Underscoring this statement of fact is an announcement by the company saying that it will be shutting down the BlackBerry World app store by the end of 2019; and will also be closing several little used ancillary services. Owners of the Priv who don't want to upgrade will not be completely left out to dry, as the company will "fulfill all warranty obligations" related to the phone and will release necessary updates "should a critical vulnerability be exposed".

Stay tuned to this site for details on how to take advantage of the trade-up program and we look forward to your continuing loyalty and interest in BlackBerry. We think that only BlackBerry loyalist would be inclined towards the program, as for standard PRIV owners, they have better options outside BlackBerry ecosystem.