Putin thanks Trump for helping to foil terror attack plot


The White House confirmed Sunday that Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke with President Donald Trump in what Russian state media has described as a thank-you call following a Central Intelligence Agency tip about a bomb threat in St. Petersburg.

Sunday's call was the second time Trump and Putin had spoken in just four days.

In a series of overnight raids on Wednesday and Thursday, the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) arrested members of a terrorist cell linked to Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) in the Russian city of St. Petersburg, seizing a large amount of explosives, weapons and ammunition and dismantling a bomb-making workshop.

In April, a suicide bombing in the St. Petersburg's subway left 16 dead and wounded more than 50.

"Vladimir Putin assured Donald Trump that the Russian intelligence services upon receipt of information relating to terrorist threats against the USA and its citizens, will immediately transmit to its American colleagues in partner channels", the statement added.

The attack was allegedly planned to take place on Saturday, Russia says. Trump was also asked to forward Putin's appreciation to CIA Director Mike Pompeo and the intelligence officials who obtained the information.

The pioneers' relationship is muddled by continuous examinations concerning the Trump crusade's connections to Moscow.

While Mr Trump categorically denies colluding with Russian Federation, .

Putin said that he doubted Trump would be able to improve relations between their two countries because the U.S. President was being held back by his political opposition, and allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election were being invented to raise doubts about Trump's legitimacy.

FSB chief Alexander Bortnikov said on Tuesday the country was monitoring the possible return of jihadists from Syria, a threat which has increased since Moscow's military intervention in the country.

A video that ran on the state news agency RIA Novosti showed a man identified as Yevgeny Yefimov confessing that he planned to carry out a terrorist attack in the city.