Man shot in leg after threatening staff with knife at Amsterdam airport


The Dutchman wielding a knife was shot by military police following the incident which saw him making threats at the airport but there were no reports of other injuries after the happenstance.

The shocking footage from the scene shows armed cops rushing through the airport to apprehend the armed man, as the building was placed on lockdown.

Dutch police opened fire after a man threatened to use a knife at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport.

Dutch officers confirmed that military police had used a firearm on the suspect.

The incident is not being treated as an extremist attack, spokesman Stan Verberkt said.

The military police later tweeted that the suspect was a 29-year-old man from The Hague, who was known to police due to earlier violent incidents at Schiphol.

It was unclear why the man threatened police.

"He was injured and has been taken into custody", Verberkt added.

He said "the circumstances are telling us that it has nothing to do with terrorism".

He was shot by military police, according to a tweet from Dutch police.

Schiphol airport, just outside Amsterdam, is one of Europe's five busiest airports.

Videos on social media showed what appeared to be the suspect being taken out of the airport in a stretcher.

No details of his condition were released.

Air traffic was not effected.

In addition, the Amsterdam airport's terminal was evacuated but has since reopened.