1 magnitude natural disaster strikes near major city


An natural disaster of 6.1 magnitude hit Northern and Central Iran at 3.11 am on Wednesday.

Approximately 30 aftershocks have occurred, state media reported. No injuries were reported.

State media reported earlier that no deaths had been caused by the first quake, which hit in late morning on Tuesday, but said that at least 18 people had been injured.

Another quake, which Iranian state media reported at 6.0 and the USGS reported at 5.4, hit western Iran Dec. 11, in the same region where a magnitude 7.3 natural disaster killed at least 530 people last month.

On November 12, in one of the deadliest earthquakes.

It was felt as far away as Turkey, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates.

More than 530 people were killed and thousands were injured in the massive tragedy of last Iran quake. Earlier, President Hassan Rouhani highlighted his government's efforts in providing aid and temporary housing to the victims of last month's quake. His opponents assert that the government response was not quick enough.