YouTube To Launch Music Subscription Service In March


YouTube has reportedly already begun reaching out to artists to help with the new service's promotion.

Whichever brand "Remix" officially adopts in 2018, it looks like to replace Google Play Music, which first launched in 2011.

The report says Warner Music has already signed on, while Alphabet remains in talks with Sony, Universal and the Merlin consortium of indie labels. Now, on the back of the success of Spotify and Apple, they are beginning to recover.

The new streaming service, tentatively called Remix, will feature on-demand streaming and incorporate video clips from YouTube, sources described as familiar with the company's plans told the news outlet. As such, with YouTube supposedly eyeing a March launch for the Remix platform, they would obviously need to figure out a way to significantly boost that subscriber base from YouTube Red's numbers. Further compounding matters, Spotify and Tencent Music Entertaining Group today announced a joint equity arrangement where each company would hold a minority stake in the other, further cementing Spotify's position as the leading music service available today. In February, the Play Music and YouTube teams were combined, with the merger of the two products actually confirmed in July. Early next year, YouTube will enter into negotiations with Vevo for a new deal.

Remix is apparently YouTube's attempt to please music publishers with more revenue from music placed on its service.

At the end of last month it emerged YouTube's system for reporting sexual comments on children's videos has not been working for more than a year.