McConnell: No 'Change of Heart' on Moore


Democratic Alabama Senate candidate Doug Jones delivered a fiery denunciation of Roy Moore on Tuesday, declaring that the election was about decency and not petty party politics.

Orrin Hatch of Utah is lashing out at former White House adviser Steve Bannon for his attack on Mitt Romney and the Mormon Church.

The allegations have roiled the Senate race that at one time was considered a sure win for the Republican nominee. We need his vote on stopping crime, illegal immigration, Border Wall, Military, Pro Life, V.A., Judges 2nd Amendment and more.

The papers, part of the Alabama Media Group, also used the editorial to endorse Democrat Jones. By burying and downplaying what makes this story news, they are protecting people's feelings rather than plainly stating what's at stake, and in doing so providing cover for an accused child abuser and his growing list of enablers. Moore has denied all wrongdoing.

"If the allegations reported in The Washington Post are true, Roy Moore should immediately step aside", she told reporters.

Court documents suggest that when Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore began dating his wife, born Kayla Kisor, now Kayla Moore, she was still married to her first husband.

Jones said Wednesday that sexual harassment isn't a partisan issue, and people in Congress shouldn't be treated differently than others. Registered Republican Debbie Wesson Gibson says she had a consensual relationship with Moore when she was 17 and he was 34. Two days later, she said the pastor requested for it to be removed. If they have so little effect, women may think, why bother?

Trump doesn't back all of Moore's positions, Sanders said.

"This election is a turning point for women in Alabama".

"The accuser has suppressed the evidence-i.e. examination of the yearbook-which is normally what someone would do if they are lying", Brooks said. The Examiner did not agree. No RNC staff have been deployed to the state.

When reached for comment, a Moore spokesperson told the Examiner that their questions about Moore's courtship of his wife were "really scraping the bottom of the barrel". "I think we have to respect their decision". It is actually a fetid pile of moral relativism, courtesy of the party of family values, and they own it. Perhaps editors assumed readers were intimate with the allegations against Moore, that the antecedent was obvious. "We'll see what happens".

Among those supporters is U.S. President Donald Trump, who tweeted an endorsement of Moore Monday, citing his anti-abortion views.

Other Republicans, however, have doubled-down on their condemnation of Moore.

The former Massachusetts governor, who lost to former President Barack Obama in 2012, had written: "Roy Moore in the US Senate would be a stain on the GOP and on the nation".

While the Republican National Committee jumped back into the race and infused Moore's campaign with party cash, the National Republican Senatorial Committee remains on the sidelines.