Snowflakes? Maybe. Colder weather, rain? On the way


He said: "It's quite quiet as we start the week, but on Tuesday we will see a small change that will paint a picture, as slightly wet and windy weather develops across north west Scotland". The cold winds will bring in snow showers with much of northern England and Scotland likely to get a covering. Late in the week, our temperatures will run well below normal with high temperatures in the 30s from Thursday through the weekend.

The cold front that was pushing into Alabama on Tuesday afternoon is the first of several weather systems that will bring cold air to the state. This means that a handful of people, mainly in our NC counties, will have a very slim chance of winter weather Friday morning and possibly Saturday morning. "There will be wintry showers consisting of hail and snow, but it looks like Dublin won't be hit too hard compared to the north-west". Ushered in by a powerful cold front, the cold air, with high temperatures running 10 to 15 degrees below average, will come as a shock following one of the warmest fall seasons on record. "It will be very cold and get progressively colder coming into Friday". Cloudy, then gradually becoming mostly sunny, with a high near 52. We're certainly looking at a more interesting pattern, which is often the case in December, and we will have lots to talk about in my forecast tonight.

The coldest temperature last week was -6C (42.8F) in Pershore, Worcestershire, on Thursday.

If this evaporative cooling continues for long enough, the rain can eventually turn to snow.

Temperatures could plummet as low as -8C this week with 70mph storms and an Arctic blast set to dump at least two inches of snow.

This process is most effective when winds are light, because colder air from aloft descends to the surface more readily, as the air isn't being mixed up by the wind.