IOS 11.2 brings three new Live Wallpapers to iPhone X users


I have yet to put on trousers. Normally waiting a day or three to update to a new iOS release can be prudent, but not in this case.

Users of the iPhone X are also getting a new interface that adds a small bar just below the status bar icons in the top-right corner of the lock screen. The obvious solution, rolling back the clock, broke so many apps that it was not advised.

I experienced this first-hand while upgrading my wife's iPhone 5s to iOS 11.2. Additionally, there are some updated live wallpapers for the iPhone X. Users can download iOS 11.2 on the compatible device by going to General Settings Software update. This is the second major update to the original iOS 11 which was released on 19th September by the giant for over 20 different iOS devices including the new iPhones. If you're running an iOS version earlier than 11.2, Apple recommends turning off all notifications to avoid this bug. This should stop the endless rebooting.

A bug in iOS 11 caused some iPhones to crash early Saturday as the calendar changed to December 2. Now the service is only available for users in the United States, though it is yet to be activated. It also fixes a much-discussed issue with the calculator, which could previously be overloaded - and get incorrect results - if users punched in numbers too quickly. We plan to have in-depth coverage of it soon. These devices push out 7.5 watts of power, as opposed to the typical 5 watts.

Apple iOS 11
iPhone crashing? Widespread iOS date bug wreaks havoc on December 2

After updating, users can go to settings, and click on notification to turn on "allow notifications" for each app.

Closing out the list of new features, HealthKit now supports downhill snow sports. Luckily, a reset will fix the problem.

Apple's latest iOS 11 has had its own share of hits and miss, more of a miss to be precise.