SLAVERY: 239 Nigerian migrants return from Libya


He said: "Libya slave trade is a slap on us all if a state like Cote D'Ivoire is taking step to address this act while we have not done so". But I won't be surprised if the majority of them were really Nigerians.

However, as Italy and the European Union have been financing and training Libya's coastguard to stem the flow of people crossing the Mediterranean, many see their journey to Europe end in Libya.

A former Nigerian government minister has claimed that Nigerian migrants are having their organs harvested after being sold into slavery in Libya.

According to him, NANS is passionately calling on Nigerians to stop chasing shadows overseas and come back home to be partners in progress in the development of Nigeria.

President Muhammadu Buhari has given the most obvious hint so far that he will be contesting in the 2019 election, as he told Nigerians in Côte d'Ivoire that he wanted to be seen with some state governors so that their people may vote for him in future. All they learned was how to shoot and kill. He said 50 persons had been repatriated since he resumed.

Nigeria had "started bringing back home all Nigerians stranded in Libya and elsewhere", he added.

Tinubu accompanies Buhari to Abidjan for EU-AU summit
SLAVERY: 239 Nigerian migrants return from Libya

She expressed regret that some of them found their way back despite warnings.

A Nigerian police officer, ACP Sunny Okeobor, with Interpol said many Nigerians are being trafficked, including three employees of NNPC who were deceived into slavery after promising them a job with an oil company for $250 per day but were lucky to have been rescued after one of them escaped.

This was contained in a motion: 'Urgent Need to Protect Nigerian Citizens from Libya's Slavery Auctions, ' sponsored by Baba Kaka Bashir Garbai (APC, Borno Central).

He said: "This is a humiliation not just to Nigeria and Africa as a whole but also to human civilization and the fundamental principles of human rights under the United Nations Charter".

SERAP urged President Buhari to "seize the opportunity presented by the summit, to push for a joint EU-AU global commission of inquiry to investigate allegations of slave auction in Libya".