Kaley Cuoco gets engaged to boyfriend Karl Cook


BAZINGA! Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco, who announced her engagement on November 30, is already in wedding planning mode, and she has her eye on a familiar date: New Year's Eve. She has been dating Karl, who is a professional equestrian, for two years.

The video sees a red-faced Kaley crying while she shows her hand to the camera.

KALEY Cuoco has revealed she's engaged to show-jumper Karl Cook in an emotional Instagram video.

She shows a lovely diamond ring and squeaks out an excited, "We're engaged!" before starting to bawl again.

"You still haven't said "yes" yet", Cook responds.

"We're engaged!" the actress can be heard saying through tears of happiness. He captioned the video with, "Who knew my prior post was oracular".

Cook also shared a close-up of the gorgeous pear-shaped diamond ring he gave his bride-to-be. Karl proposed to The Big Bang Theory star yesterday on her 32nd birthday.

The two began dating in late 2015, just months after the blonde beauty separated from her husband. Every part of this night has been perfection just like you.

Though that ended in divorce, "Kaley just loves the idea of a New Year's Eve wedding", a source tells Life & Style.

"On my loves birthday I got her everything she has always wanted... now judging by her face maybe not, it's the thought that counts right", that post read. "The purity and grace of the moment are inexplicable." Aww! Honey; all I want is to be a balloon bouncing, bobbing, and flowing through life together.