What Disney's Newly-Cast Mulan Says About the Studio's Next Splashy Remake


Instead, Chinese actress Liu Yifei (刘亦菲) will play the titular heroine following a year-long casting search that involved almost 1,000 candidates in five different continents around the world, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

However, according to a article, the response to Disney's choice has been somewhat mixed in China with netizens criticizing Liu for being a boring, bad actor that has been in too many box office flops.

As well as her many acting credentials, including critically acclaimed performances in "The Night Peacock" and "The Chinese Widow", Liu is also an established singer, with two albums under her belt.

Liu Yifei will bring Hua Mulan to life.

Disney fans, we have a new Mulan! A 40-episode stint on the Chinese TV show The Return of the Condor Heroes garnered her tons of popularity, as well as the nickname "Fairy Sister" by the Chinese public (for her innocent image and delicate features).

She is fluent in English, having spent some years of her childhood in Queens, New York, and a graduate of Beijing Film Academy, one of the top institutions for cinema arts.

She was in the 2008 action-fantasy film "The Forbidden Kingdom" with Jackie Chan and Jet Li, as well as 2014's action movie "Outcast" with Nicholas Cage and Hayden Christensen.

The forthcoming film is enlivened by the "Melody of Mulan", in which a young lady mimics a man to assume her dad's position in the armed force, and Disney's 1998 melodic adjustment of the sonnet, which earned more than $120 million at the local film industry and $304 million around the world.

While Disney has been quiet on other castings for the film, we do know that the adaptation will be directed by Niki Caro, and produced by Jason Reed, Chris Bender, and Jake Weiner. Disney says additional announcements about the live-action movie will be made in the coming weeks.