Google finally drops the ban hammer on the most annoying Android ads


After discovering the exploit, Google deleted the apps, suspended the developers' accounts, and sent a warning message to all devices that were presumed infected.

Although the search giant has removed Tizi-infected apps from Play Store, the spyware has already affected around 1,300 devices.

Datally is made by Google's Next Billion Users division whose mission is to make the internet more accessible in developing nations.

Also, security researchers are of the view that the spyware was most probably used for targeted attacks against a limited number of people chosen for some unknown reason.

By clicking on the Data Server option all the applications installed in the mobile phone will appear in which you are given an option to block it data usage. "Data is how we connect to the world, and without data we miss out".

Google on Thursday launched an app created to help Android phone users understand, control and save on their expensive mobile data.

Datally helps users do three things.

The company has launched Datally, a free app to help you understand and curb your data usage.

Secondly, it also help users block background data usage and track real-time data usage while using each of the apps.

The app will also allow you access to a graph on usage daily, weekly, monthly wherein below you'll see which apps are consuming most, so that you can restrict or enable their access to data. Except for the real time monitoring per app, the idea of saving data is the same.

In addition to Data Saver, Datally has another feature called Find Wi-Fi. But as a tool to manage your bandwidth, Datally is a nice step up from the default data tracking feature in Android and whatever app your carrier may have come up with.

Datally works on Android smartphones with Lollipop (5.0) or newer versions of the Google-backed mobile operating system. But as for now one can't tell which app actually saves you more data.

Do keep in mind that connecting to unknown public Wi-Fi hotspots also involves a risk of your data and sensitive information ending up in the hands of cyber criminals.