New Lawsuit Claims Harvey Weinstein Violated Federal Trafficking Laws


But that hasn't devalued Noble's lawsuit, which states that Weinstein "recruited and enticed" Kadian Noble with the "promise of a film role, knowing that he would use means of force, fraud or coercion to cause her to engage in a sex act".

In a civil action filed in NY on Monday, she claims a violation of U.S. federal sex trafficking laws by Weinstein, his brother Bob and The Weinstein Company.

American film producer Harvey Weinstein has been accused of rape and sexual assault by multiple women.

Harvey Weinstein was slapped with a civil lawsuit Monday charging him with sex trafficking tied to an alleged assault in Cannes, France.

The actress is seeking unspecified damages, accusing Weinstein of being able "to force or coerce" her into sexual activity by promising to wield influence in the film industry - and that it was a violation of sex trafficking statute.

According to Noble, Weinstein told her that he had a movie role in mind for her while he was on a trip to London in 2014.

Noble tried to stop Weinstein's advances but to no avail she claims, as the executive 'forced his leg between Kadian's legs, began rubbing her vagina, and then took his penis out and began masturbating'. The news of his departure from the DGA broke hours after another accuser came forward with claims suggesting Weinstein sexually assaulted her in his suite at a hotel in Cannes, France.

Bob Weinstein is a part of this action because he is alleged to have "facilitated commercial sex acts in foreign commerce" by his brother, the complaint alleges, "to obtain the enormous publicity" when the producer promoted the company's projects around the world.

That's when Weinstein pulled Kadian closer and "groped her breasts", the lawsuit said.

"Harvey Weinstein has resigned his membership", a statement released on the association's behalf read. The disgraced mogul, whose sexual misconduct scandal marked a turning point for Hollywood's casting-couch culture, is now facing a civil suit from a woman in the United Kingdom who claims he sexually harassed her in London.

According to Noble's lawsuit, it was "common practice" of Weinstein and "well-known" to his brother Bob Weinstein that Harvey Weinstein would travel overseas and to different states to recruit, solicit and entice young female actresses with promises of film roles only to then use force, fraud or coercion to engage them in sex. The lawsuit claims employees "knew to "take care" of the FOH's".

Bob Weinstein and TWC did not respond to request for comment on the complaint.