Microsoft announces major expansion at Redmond campus


The plan is to create more open office space to encourage greater collaboration and creativity among staff, similar to how some of Microsoft's tech rivals operate. The campus will include space for up to 55,000 employees-Microsoft now employs 47,000 people in the Redmond area. 12 buildings will be torn down and replaced with 18 new ones, bringing the campus to a total of 131 buildings. The project would take about five and seven years to complete. The campus will be divided into "team neighborhoods", which I imagine turns every single day into a corporate retreat team-building exercise.

The campus will primarily be built for pedestrian and bike traffic as all vehicles will be moved to an underground parking facility.

Microsoft has already informed the employees about the plans, and on Wednesday, the company would discuss the plans at the shareholders meeting.

That divergence was underscored Tuesday by Microsoft's announcement of a major redevelopment and expansion of its headquarters campus in Redmond, about 16 miles east of Seattle. Our plans include a 2-acre open plaza that will fit up to 12,000 people, running and walking trails, facilities for soccer and cricket, and retail space.

Microsoft New Campus
A render of Microsoft's new

For Nadella, a renovation like this is an opportunity to create a collaborative environment for work with a better balance of work and employee wellbeing.

Microsoft's renovation budget is modest compared with the $5bn Apple spent on its new spaceship headquarters in Cupertino, while Microsoft's Washington neighbor and cloud rival, Amazon, will spend $5bn on a second North American headquarters, which will offer space for 50,000 people. The bridge will also tie into a forthcoming Link Light Rail station set to arrive in 2023.

As our employees create the tools and services of the future workspace for our customers, it's important they have a campus that reflects that future for themselves.

"We've focused on the cultural transformation of the company". The 18 new buildings part of the overhaul will be Energy-Smart Buildings that utilize Azure to monitor the building system and energy usage optimization, according to the company.