Donald Trump Will Tee It Up With Tiger Woods And Dustin Johnson


Websites like Trump Golf Count purport to count the cost of the golf outings and could be one of the many reasons Trump's approval rating has dipped below that of other presidents in the past.

President Trump's supporters know he's incredibly busy with his America First agenda, and are thus willing to give him a break for spending some time on the golf course once in a while.

Messages left by USA TODAY Sports on Friday morning to Woods' representation were not immediately returned, but on Instagram user posted video of Trump greeting Woods and Johnson at the course.

Trump still maintains ownership of the Trump Organization, and only transferred his investments to a not-blind trust while Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. manage the business.

The US president is about to play around of golf with two of the sport's legends.

"The President and Tiger Woods enjoying a moment, both and n great spirits", author Dr. Eric Kaplan wrote in a tweet that he sent out with the pic.

Donald Trump also took time before golfing to continue his attacks on NFL players who protest police brutality during the national anthem.

But it's unlikely the round of golf at the president's Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter will be quick.

In addition, the traveling press is rarely allowed to observe his rounds and aides traditionally decline to say when the golf is played.

In his run for the White House, Trump often railed about United States military commitments in Afghanistan and Iraq.

This week, after the presidential entourage arrived in Florida, the White House had to correct itself after a spokesperson initially said she was expecting a "low-key day" while the president spent time at the Florida resort.

After the correction was made, Trump golfed at his Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach.