Watch Chance The Rapper Deliver Opening Monologue on Saturday Night Live


First-time "Saturday Night Live" host Chance the Rapper dedicated his opening monologue to Thanksgiving.

With musical guest Eminem, we are definitely in for a treat.

D-Von-Tré's "Come Back, Barack" is the best slow jam ever and one that will make yearn for Bam-Bam or possibly a Jodeci reunion.

In one of the episode's standout sketches, he starred in a music video styled like a cross between Boyz II Men and New Edition, and pleaded for former U.S. President Barack Obama to come back. Matthews McDaniels, plus a verse about Joe Biden performed by cast member Leslie Jones, also Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney portraying a same-sex couple, Vanessa Bayer as a housewife enjoying some legal weed and host Casey Affleck as Jesus.

Chance said how he wants his holiday song to be for Thanksgiving the way Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas is You" is for Christmas. For those who don't remember, Chance and Kenan Thompson did "Last Christmas While Barack's Still Here" past year and it was maybe the best of the entire episode.

When Chance the Rapper made his hosting debut on SNL on Saturday, the show tapped his musical talents from the very beginning. "This insane, Chance and Eminem!".

Chance the Rapper is no stranger to Saturday Night Live - he's performed on the show a couple of times.