Manus Island refugees told they will not be removed by force


Papua New Guinea began dismantling a shuttered Australian-run immigration detention center on Thursday and warned it will use force if necessary to evict almost 600 men if they refuse to leave within two days, according to a notice posted at the camp.

New footage from activist group GetUp! shows the cramped and unhygienic conditions inside the closed detention centre without food, running water, electricity of medicine.

"I have pursued this issue from New Zealand's perspective", she told a media conference at the APEC Summit in Vietnam.

With Australia refusing to take any of the refugees, and a deal between the United States and Australia moving ahead slowly, Ardern reiterated an offer to resettle 150 refugees from Manus and Nauru when she visited Sydney shortly after becoming Prime Minister.

"We need an urgent solution to it, whether legal or political".

"I see the human face of this and I see the need and the role New Zealand needs to play". No matter what label you put on it there is absolute need and there is harm being done, ' she said on Sunday.

Ardern said she raised the issue with Turnbull in passing, but they have not discussed it further. "I think it's clear that we don't think what's happening there as acceptable, that's why the offer's there", she said.

Hundreds of refugees and asylum seekers at Manus Island have barricaded themselves inside the closed detention centre, with some describing the situation as a humanitarian crisis.

Given the refugees and asylum seekers' determination to stay despite the bad conditions, it is hard to see this stand off coming to an end any time soon.

"Their physical and mental health is precarious", he said.

"The safety of both the refugees and government workers plus staff of leading agencies is not to be taken for granted given the tension that is now being expressed by the locals on Manus Island", he said.

"What I do know is that one of the concerns the Australians will have is if these people come to New Zealand and they get residence here, and then of course because New Zealanders have pretty much free access into Australia they have back-door way into Australia".

Mr Lam said questions still remain over the quality of the new accommodation being offered to the men near the island's main town of Lorengau.