Students injured as driver 'deliberately' ploughs auto into crowd


French police told the AFP news agency that the man driving the Renault Clio was arrested immediately afterwards in Blagnac, in the Haute-Garonne region.

A man fell "deliberately" with his vehicle driving on students in the city of Blanquac, on the outskirts of Toulouse, southwestern France.

A suspect had been taken into custody after he rammed his vehicle into a crowd outside a college in Blagnac, near the city of Toulouse.

A driver was arrested after the collision, and the Toulouse prosecutor has been called to investigate, the ministry said.

The suspect tried to flee the scene but police stopped him.

According to the police report, among the injured are Chinese students who are studying in the city.

The injured were Chinese students, including two who were seriously hurt in the incident.

They were transferred to Purpan Hospital in Toulouse.

Police say the man is known for previous minor offences, especially drugs-related.

An attempted murder investigation has been opened, he said.

Several post-18 colleges are located on the campus, including the International Institute of Trade and Development.

"We thought about an accident because when we got off the campus there were a lot of police cars on the ground". One of them is said to be in a serious condition.