Remember April the giraffe? She might be pregnant again, her owner says


"I can not confirm nor deny the possibility of another pregnancy", Patch, owner of Adventure Park Zoo, said. Millions of people watched daily on the Animal Adventure Park live streams to await the arrival of her long-legged bundle of joy which finally occurred on April 15 of this year.

Barely six months after the world breathlessly watched her give birth to a son, April the Giraffe may be expecting another calf.

Staff previously told Inside Edition that April was ready to mate again and her partner, Oliver, was showing interest.

Less than a year later, baby Tajiri is "already approaching 10 feet in height", Patch said, adding that April has "been an wonderful mother".

"We can't confirm or deny that", Steven Donnelly told TODAY about the pregnancy speculation.

Donnelly said the same thing: "All I can add is, stay tuned!" Patch said that April's son is nearly 10 feet tall and that April is an "amazing mother".

He celebrated his 6-month birthday last month with a cake made from apples and lettuce.

April was pregnant for 16 months with Tajiri, so if she is pregnant, we have some time to prepare.

The owner of the Animal Adventure Park said that he was positively surprised of the fact that the baby giraffe has grown healthy and everything went smoothly since he was born.

"She's obviously very in tune to him and protective of him, but she's also allowing him to take on that independent trait that he has, which definitely comes from his father", Patch said.

"From the hundreds of thousands of visitors we've seen and even just his progress in growth has been remarkably easy and textbook, which has been a blessing", he said.