Handset will not support wireless charging; CEO explains why


OnePlus 5T will not come with wireless charging support, company's CEO Pete Lau has confirmed in a blog post.

He reasoned that the maximum theoretical power delivered by wireless charging pads is around 15 watts which is 5 watts less than the dash charger company uses.

He further argued that in case of wireless charging you have to keep your phone on the pad. So which one would you choose?

And he continued by saying that one of the reasons why OnePlus 5T will not feature wireless charging is because " wired quick charging solutions like ours clearly outshine wireless on quantitative measures".

It is also worth mentioning that amidst all these rumors and leaks, OnePlus Co-founders Carl Pei and Pete Lau are also giving some subtle hints of the upcoming handset. All you need is the Dash Charge cable and adaptor to consistently power your device at superior rate. "You can't pick up your phone to game or take a photo while charging", he explained. For those that aren't local or won't be able to make it to the event, you can enjoy the show through the firm's live stream on the same day.

Although the wireless charging has now been adopted by Apple with the iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone X, still OnePlus is satisfied with its dash charge.

In an update, Lau said that he was referring to The Wireless Power Consortium's Qi standard.

A big draw for the OnePlus 5T will be its price. Given present-day infrastructures, wireless charging brings more limitations than freedom.

Well, we're happy to report the OnePlus 5T will also be getting the "Lab" treatment.

Forgive the fan boy in me, but Dash Charge is nothing short of a technological marvel for flagship smartphones.

"An attractive promise of wireless charging is that you can just set your phone down on a surface and charge". The CEO has made it clear that in future, OnePlus may implement wireless charging "when the time is right". For the launch of OnePlus 5T in India, we wanted to try something new - something that's never been attempted before. He believes that this - wireless technology has a lot of space to develope now.

Dash Charge is touted to provide "a day's power in half an hour" or about 58 percent of juice, and OnePlus boasts that it's a cut above the rest - or at least, better than Samsung's Adaptive Fast Charging.