Apple just released the fix for the iPhone 'question mark' glitch


You can finally say goodbye to that stupid autocorrect bug switching out the letter "i" for all manner of gibberish. Here's a look at the most important new iOS 11.1 features and iOS 11.1.1 fixes. There's also the fact that some of iOS 11's best new features were iPad-only.

Last Friday, a few days after iOS 11.1 was released to millions of iPhone users, a very unusual bug started popping up.

The Verge first reported about the new update. The autocorrect issue was introduced by the iOS 11.1, which replaced the typed "i" character to letter "A" followed by the question mark symbol.

With the release of the update, that workaround should no longer be necessary.

Apple released the updated on Thursday, making it the sixth update to iOS 11. iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users can go to Settings General Software Update to download iOS 11.1.1. Were you affected by the issue? The Apple Pay Cash card can then be converted to money and deposited into a bank account, or may be used to make purchases within Apple Pay. This seems to be corroborated by users saying that their phones are working correctly after updating to one of the newer versions of the mobile operating system.

The Apple Pay features on iOS 11.2 and watchOS 4.2 means Apple device owners won't have to download other apps like Venmo for person-to-person transactions.