Upcoming flagship smartphone to hit shelves on November 21


The OnePlus 5T will be launched on November 16 at an event in NY.

We're just a little more than a week out from a New York-based OnePlus event where the company is expected to announce its next phone, the OnePlus 5T. The publication claims to have obtained the information from a confidential documentation that contains the pricing of OnePlus 5T in the UK.

Presumably, it is determined to keep its reputation intact as a company that offers feature-rich flagships at cheap prices.

Those aren't groundbreaking improvements by any means, but they're everything the OnePlus 5 should have shipped with when it hit the shelves back in June - and exactly what it needs to compete with the table-topping Galaxy S8. We've seen the OnePlus CEO say that the OnePlus 5T won't have wireless charging and implying that $600 would be "enough" to purchase the phone. Interestingly, to watch the launch function live in NY one has to shell out $40 though the company says the proceedings will go to charity. As can be found in the picture, the OnePlus 5T has all the earmarks of being generally an indistinguishable size from the OnePlus 5, demonstrating the utilization of a bezel-less 18:9 display that figures out how to fit a bigger screen in much a similar frame factor.

So, the OnePlus 5T is widely rumored to make the upgrade, that'll bring the smartphone on par with the market's other offerings. To attend this event, the company has sold out tickets today for $40 each. Meanwhile, the OnePlus 5T will stick with the OnePlus 5's Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset clocked at 2.45GHz.

You'd be forgiven if you were expecting the OnePlus 5T to come with a higher asking price than its flagship predecessor.

On Monday, OnePlus has finally announced an event date for the launch of OnePlus 5T. The smartphone is also available in 8GB RAM and 128GB internal storage variant, which is priced at Rs 37,999.

The soon to launch a smartphone, OnePlus 5T is likely to feature 20-megapixel primary camera on the rear while 16-megapixel secondary camera ideal for selfies.