OnePlus 5T will set for NY launch


A leak of the device's exterior courtesy of shows a handset that pretty much looks exactly like the OnePlus 5, only with a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor above the logo. Well, the next one is right around the corner.

As you can see, OnePlus clearly confirms the existence of the 5T - as well as in the teasers we've seen in the past few weeks from the company. While there is no confirmation regarding the battery strength of the smartphone, it's expected to be bigger than the unit on the OnePlus 5 (review). The keynote, available through livestream, will happen at 11am Eastern (8am Pacific / 4pm United Kingdom / 9:30pm India / November 17, 12am China).

If you're interested in attending the unveiling, tickets will be available starting November 8th at 12pm ET here. I can't think of another company that sells tickets to a phone keynote. We've reached out to OnePlus for comment to see if there's any real reason to go to this event.

But it was enough to get fans excited about what OnePlus has planned for them.

Recently OnePlus CEO revealed that the OnePlus 5T will cost less than $600 which is tad less than other flagship devices.

Rumors point to an external redesign for the latest OnePlus flagship. Earlier leaks have already confirmed that the new phone's display is likely to be its best till date. The screen appears to occupy more of the device, and the bezels have been slimmed down.

Outside of the extended screen, the 5T is expected to imitate its predecessor in most respects.

Pricing is also up in the air. The OnePlus 5T will receive either 6GB or 8GB RAM. It also stated that phone would continue to have a 3.5mm headphone jack. If that means $599 in the U.S., the 5T will be a harder sell than past OP devices.